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Burn Barrels

The burn barrel serves as a portable fire source, stove, discussion piece, and glowing beacon of flames licking metal.  Each is intricately designed, allowing backlit fire images to glow through the steel barrel in a 360 degree piece.  


-         55 gallon steel drum, reused and repurposed for art and fire from food grade steel

-         Radiant source of heat for outdoor time

-         Custom designed

-         Raised off of the (desert) floor to prevent scarring

-         24” Webber grill top sits above barrel for cooking

-         Side hole (incorporated as a design element) allows for continual wood stoking

-         Diametric holes allow pole to stretch across barrel for transport even when lit

-         Hard crafted hot rolled steel legs add durability and stability to base

-         Delivery available to Bay Area, Los Angeles, Reno, and Black Rock Desert

Gallery Samples are tabbed to the left... enjoy!

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